Renewal of Maid Work Permit


When Must Work Permits Be Renewed?

Maids are important members of many Singaporean households. If employers need their maid to continue to work for them legally, they need to make sure that the maid holds a valid work permit that is required to be renewed every two years. As a reminder of when the work permit must be renewed, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will usually send employers a renewal letter 8 weeks before the maid’s (FDW) work permit expires. With that, employers will then be able to start the renewal procedure, which should be clearly detailed in the renewal letter. The renewal process takes effect immediately, hence there is no worry about delay occurring resulting in the expiration of the maid's work permit while they are still working. If the maids plan to travel overseas before their work permit expires, employers should engage in the renewal process before their departure to ensure that they have no trouble returning back to Singapore later on.

Work Permit Renewal Service By Express Maid

Renewing the work permit for domestic helpers is not something complicated, but at the same time, it is certainly not something quick and easy either. The work permit renewal process can be done by the employer, sponsor or the authorised employment agencies. If employers renew the work permit on their own, they could avoid paying for the agency fee which is usually ranging from $300 to $400. 

However, it is important to pay extra attention to the details to avoid accidental breaching of the law. This might not be easy sometimes especially for employers who are doing the renewal for the first time. Fortunately, Express Maid offers the maid work permit renewal service which can save you time and effort.

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**The information presented is as at the date of writing. For the latest information, please kindly refer to MOM website.

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