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Filipino Maid

The Filipinos maids are definitely one of the most popular choices in the business. Many employers have had a good experience in hiring Filipino maid and they do recommend doing so. In Singapore, many employment agencies are bringing in Filipino maids to meet the demand in the market and this healthy competition has contributed to the incline of the overall service quality.  

Who Should Hire A Filipino Maid?

Due to the fact that English is the commonly spoken language in the Philippines, it is normal to have a Filipino maid who has a good command in English. If you have kids at home, Filipino maid can be a good fit for your family because her English proficiency will help in daily communication with the kids. Some Filipino maids are capable of assisting younger kids in their learning which can be a big plus for the parents. 

Besides, if you are an ex-pat working in Singapore, Filipino maid may fulfil your requirement. They are able to communicate very well with their employers and reduce the errors due to communication breakdown. 

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