Medical Insurance & Security Bond


Insurance Requirements For Maids

Medical Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance are required for all Maids (FDW) working in Singapore in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). As employers are responsible for the entirety of the medical costs of his/her maid, hence they must purchase the aforementioned insurance for their maid before their arrival in Singapore. This is extremely important as maids would be denied from entering Singapore without having valid insurance. However, you do not need to worry one bit about the matter of insurance at Express Maid as this is part of our expertise.

The medical insurance for maids should have a coverage of at least $15,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery during the maids’ stay in Singapore. Of course, as medical occurrences and fees can be fairly unpredictable. Therefore, Express Maid has come up with a complete package that guarantees your maid is sufficiently insured and you do not need to worry about the unforeseen circumstances.  On the other hand, in terms of Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), the minimum assured sum for the maids should be at least $60,000. Express Maid will purchase the PAI that covers sudden, unforeseen and unexpected incidents resulting in permanent disability or death. The compensation of PAI will be made payable to the maid or his/her beneficiaries to protect their well-being in case of unforeseeable mishap occurring.

If you are still feeling a little insecure, consider some other popular options that can be included in maid insurance include:

  1. Domestic Helper’s Liability: Covers any sums resulting from accidental bodily injury or accidental damage as committed by your domestic helper.

  2. Daily Wages & Levy Reimbursement: Covers the maid’s wages if he/she is hospitalised

  3. Outpatient Expenses: Covers the medical expenses for treatment that does not required hospitalisation

  4. Replacement Maid Expenses: Covers the agency fee for a maid replacement

  5. Special Grant: Covers funeral expenses that is payable to the maid’s family

  6. Domestic Helper's Personal Belongings: Covers theft or damages to the maid’s personal belongings

Security Bond

A security bond is a binding pledge of $5,000 to the government applied to the employers to ensure that they keep their responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of their employed maids that must be paid by the employer. It protects the welfare of the maids by ensuring prompt payment of salary and timely repatriation. The security bond will be forfeited if the Work Permit is violated by the employer for example if the maid’s salary is not paid on time or if the maid goes missing during his/her employment. It is required for every helper hired unless he/she is Malaysian. 

At Express Maid, we will sort out the security bond and all its relevant paperwork for you. Should you have any questions, our consultant will answer them and make sure that everything you provide and pay during the process is legitimate.

Note: The security bond liability will be discharged within 1 week upon the termination of the maid’s contract with the following conditions fulfilled:

  1. The work permit of the maid has been cancelled

  2. The maid has left Singapore and returned home

  3. The conditions of the security bond are not breached

How To Choose The Most Suitable Insurance Package?

As there are too many different packages on maid insurance on the market, we understand the difficulty in surveying different companies and understanding the differences between the options available. With that being said, as the leading maid agency in Singapore, we have chosen the most complete coverage for your maid’s insurance that eliminates the trouble of through different options out there. 

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**The information presented is as at the date of writing. For the latest information, please kindly refer to MOM website for Security Bond & Medical Insurance Requirements.

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