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Have You Overlooked Mental Health?

According to statistics, 19% of the adult population is affected by mental illnesses globally. Untreated, mental illnesses cause one to be affected by negative energy and emotions,  thus affecting their ability to think and behave to cope with the ordinary demands of life. Maids (FDWs) travel far from their home countries to Singapore to earn a living. To leave their family and friends behind is not only courageous but also challenging, both physically and mentally. For some maids, it could be the very first time that they leave the comfort of their hometown to live in an urban jungle like Singapore where the way of living differs totally from what they were used to. The struggle in adapting to a new culture, coupled with unstable emotion could affect their focus and hamper their work. 

Many employers have overlooked the mental burden their maids are facing. What is worse is mental illness will always go into a downward spiral if not handled properly. More often than not, the majority of employers do not know the correct way to handle the condition even though they realise the seriousness of the problem. Instead of looking for help, they might just let it happen. If you are facing a similar problem, Express Maid can be your solution provider.

Healthier Mind Allows Better Communication

Good communication is vital in ensuring that information can be transmitted well and also that feelings and emotions can be expressed. If your maid is under the effect of bad mental health, she could become ill-tempered, introvert and lack patience. All of these will lead to communication breakdown and eventually, she will be unable to complete the work assigned to her. On the flip side, a healthy maid will be able to better express herself and perform logical thinking, hence making the daily household operation smooth as butter.

As some of the maids have no prior experience in living in Singapore, problems that are deemed simple might be something new to them. That is why household requirements and mannerisms should be explained to them to avoid misunderstandings. Being observant at this period of time could help to notice the emotional burden suffered by the maids and allow us to bridge the communication gap. An extra touch of translating basic sentences into their local language could help them to easier understand the instructions and settle in.

Consultation & Counselling Can Help You

Pay a little bit more attention to your maid and observe her emotion. If you notice that she is encountering any sort of mental issues, do not hesitate to turn to Express Maid. Our consultation and counselling services could help maids to overcome their problems. Sound advice could be given to your maid with concerns over aspects of their employment and welfare. Our consultants have dealt with numerous cases of mental health related problems before and they know what the maids need. They will help them to have a better state of mind and be cheerful and more motivated at work. Employers who face difficulty in communicating with their maids could also seek our help in order to solve the miscommunication problem.

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