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Indonesian Maid

In Singapore, there are roughly 250,000 maids and nearly half of them are Indonesians. As the number four on the world population ranking, it is not hard to see the reason behind their omnipresence. Despite the multiple times the Indonesian Embassy’s Overseas Labour Office increases the minimum salary to protect the welfare of the Indonesian maids, they continue to be the leading workforce in the foreign domestic workers’ industry.

Mature System And Network

As a country that is pouring out domestic helpers, Indonesia has a well-established system to train and deploy their manpower. Their abundance also means a wider range of choices that can accommodate all your requirements. If you cannot find a maid who fits your requirements at one agency, feel free to switch to another. Chances are, they have plenty of other maids for you to pick from. 

Who Should Hire An Indonesian Maid?

The truth is, Indonesian maid is a good choice for different kinds of employers. If you can speak a few words of Malay or Bahasa Indonesia, that will be added advantage as speaking your maid’s language will help in daily communication. The sense of belonging will also help your maid to blend into your family quickly too. For employers who have experience in hiring an Indonesian maid before are also encouraged to rehire one again. 

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