Application of Maid Work Permit


Why Does A FDW Need A Work Permit? 

A work permit is generally issued to an unskilled or semi-skilled foreign worker. Its purpose is to grant permission for the workers to work in Singapore for a duration of two years (may vary for special conditions). Work permits will help the Singapore government to identify and manage the foreign workforce. There are quotas for each industry and employers need to pay a monthly levy for each worker to keep their work permit valid. 

Work Permit Application Service By Express Maid

Express Maid strives to bring you a hassle-free application process and provide you with a pleasant and satisfying experience. To facilitate and ensure a smooth application, we provide guidance to our clients on the necessary documents required for submission. We help our customers for paperwork preparation, the arrangement of medical check-up for foreign domestic workers, following up and expedition of the application. We have consistently saved our clients the hassle of going through the entire application process. 

The work permit application process is summarised as follow:

  1. Documents Checklists 
  2. Submission of Application (In-principle approval or rejection letter)
  3. Pending for application result
    • If the application is approved, in-principle approval (IPA) letter and the declaration forms will be issued for FDW to sign and enter to Singapore.
  4. Preparation of FDW arrival
    • Before the arrival: Purchase security bond, medical and personal accident. The first-time FDW is required to be registered for the Settling-In Programme (SIP).
    • Upon arrival: Send the first-time FDW for SIP and medical examination.
  5. Get the permit issued (Temporary Work Permit)
  6. Registration of fingerprints and photos (If applicable.
  7. Receive the work permit card.

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**The information presented is as at the date of writing. For the latest information, please kindly refer to MOM website.

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