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What If The Employers Are Away From Singapore?

As clearly stated in the regulations of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the well-being and upkeep of maids are under the responsibilities of the employers once the employment starts. Hence even when employers are away from Singapore, be it on a holiday or a business trip, they must make the necessary arrangement so that their maids are well taken care of. There are several options for employers to choose from when such a scenario happens. An employer can leave the maid at home or allow her to return to her home country for home leave. Also, the employer can also seek approval from the MOM to leave the maid with a friend or relative. It is worth noting that while the maid is temporarily living with someone entrusted, she cannot be deployed for work and his/her well-being must be taken care of.

When it comes to making the decision, obviously, leaving her alone at home might be the last thing that you want to do due to safety concerns. Sending her back to her home country can be costly and cumbersome too as you need to book the air tickets and make arrangements accordingly. Now, you’re left with the only option which is allocating your maid at your friend’s or relative’s place. It sounds easy enough until you realise that not many people would want to take up the responsibility for you! Furthermore, you might not want to bother them, right?

Arrangement For Stay In With Express Maid

Understanding that this arrangement can be tedious and tricky, Express Maid offers to arrange for the maid to stay in when our clients are out of town. During this time, Express Maid will not only keep the maids safely housed but also making sure that their welfare is taken good care of. This would be a convenient solution that allows employers to have a carefree vacation without worrying about the situation back in Singapore.

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