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What Is A Transfer Maid?

If you are trying to hire a maid, you will very likely come across the term “transfer maid”. A transfer maid is someone who is currently working for another employer. With the agreement of all the involved parties, the maid can be transferred to a new employer even if the employment period has not ended yet.

Why Are They Looking To Be Transferred?

There are several possible reasons for this to happen, including

  • The employers themselves leaving Singapore
  • Maids looking for a new employer or 
  • The employer is looking to change the current maid.

Why Should One Hire A Transfer Maid?

There is a high demand for transfer maids in Singapore because they offer several advantages over new maids. One of the most significant benefits is their working experience. Many of the transfer maids have over a year of experience working with Singaporean employers and they need little guidance to handle the tasks given. Even though you can find a new maid with working experience before but they have yet to learn the Singapore culture and working environment, which means they will need to take some time to fit into the new workplace.

For employers who are looking for a face to face interview prior to hiring, transfer maids will have a clear edge over the new maids. While it is possible to interview a new maid in person, not all maid agencies offer this convenience. Speaking of agency, the agency fee for a new maid is much higher compared to a transfer maid. 

There is one reason that encourages many employers to go for transfer maids, which is their readiness. Since the transfer maids are stationed in Singapore, they can start as soon as the paperwork is done. This is beneficial for some employers who are urgently in need of a maid to either take care of the elderly or to assist in some sort of unforeseen circumstances. 

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