Cancellation of Maid Work Permit


When Must Work Permits Be Cancelled?

Before the date of expiration of the Work Permit of their Maid (FDW), employers must either renew or cancel it, depending on whether employers are intending to retain the service of their maids. In the case where employers decide to discontinue the employment of their maid, employers must cancel the Work Permit of their maids. This must be done within 1 week after the last day of employment. In case that the Work Permit expires, employers must cancel the Work Permit within 1 day from the expiry date. The cancellation takes effect immediately once the process is done. Hence, the maids are not allowed to work once the cancellation of Work Permit is done. If employers would like their maid to work only for a short period beyond the Work Permit expiry date, it is possible to request for a short extension of the permit.

Work Permit Cancellation Service By Express Maid

Express Maid offers the service to help employers to cancel the work permit of their maids. Even though the work permit cancellation process could be done entirely online, there are still a few delicate points that should be taken note. Ideally, the Work Permit should be cancelled as soon as possible after the last day of work as employers are charged with maid levy until the day prior to the cancellation. Also, the original Work Permit card must be returned within 1 week by posting to the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). 

If employers are too tied up with their hectic schedule. As one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, Express Maid could be entrusted with the task to get the process completed.

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**The information presented is as at the date of writing. For the latest information, please kindly refer to MOM website.

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