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Valid Passport Required For Overseas Travel

Passports are the most important document when it comes to leaving one’s home country, be it for work or leisure purpose. Employers must ensure that their Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) have a valid passport if they are to travel overseas. With an expired passport, they will not be allowed to leave Singapore or to return to their home country. Typically, most countries require the traveller to have at least 6 months validity on their passports if they intend to enter the country. 

Employers and maids should have a mutual agreement at the beginning of the employment on who should pay for the renewal of the FDW’s passport. There is no obligation for employers to cover the passport renewal expenses but the fees could be relatively costly for an FDW, it is commonly encouraged for employers to help with the cost as a sign of goodwill and appreciation for their good work.

Passport Renewal Service By Express Maid

Express Maid offers the service to help employers to renew the passports of their FDWs. As the passport renewal process could be troublesome especially that if any of the required steps is missing during the application process, the application could be firmly rejected by the embassy and the whole renewal process has to be restarted. Some embassies require appointments to be made for passport renewal and during peak season, the next available slot could be given only after a few days or even weeks. This could greatly disrupt your schedules. Hence it would be wise to enlist the help of the agency to process the passport renewal. As one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, we at Express Maid aim to provide you with a hassle-free service to ensure the passport renewal process goes according to your plannings.

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**The information presented is as at the date of writing. For the latest information, please kindly refer to respective countries' embassy.

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